Choose a payment option that works for you! image

Choose a payment option that works for you!

If you'd like to make a one-time payment, enter your desired payment in the "custom amount".

Choose your own amount


2019-2020 Resident Choir Tuition Rates:

Cantemus = $600 ($540*)
Concert Choir = $550 ($495*)
Choristers = $500 ($450*)
*A 10% discount is applied to the second singer’s tuition and any additional singers following.


  1. Allison (Choristers) = $500
    George (Choristers) = $450 (10% discount applied)
  2. Freddy (Cantemus) = $600
    Sally (Concert Choir) = $495 (10% discount applied)
    Sam (Choristers) = $450 (10% discount applied)

Weekly Payments - Set up #of weeks preferred for payment range. The number of weeks will be based on your payment set-up date. Divide balance by # of weeks. Cannot be more than 40 weeks (based on a 9/1 start week).

Monthly Payments - LSYC season runs Sept - May. Divide your balance over 9 monthly payments to calculate your monthly amount. (Pre-set options above for each choir).

Quarterly Payment - This payment will be set to deduct every three months. Divide your balance by 3, as there are only 9 months (3 payment cycles) to pay off the balance by 5/31/20.

Semi-Annually - Divide your payment by 2. The second payment will be deducted six months from the initial payment.